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Customized Writing Course Development

      The Business Writing Center will develop customized workshops and online courses for your company or agency by working with your subject-matter experts to identify the training your employees need and creating the course that will provide it. Project director for customized course development is R. C. Hogan, whose Ph.D. is in curriculum development and supervision.



      This is the procedure we follow to develop a customized course:

  1. Develop a high-level overview of the course desired by the company or agency.

  2. Examine writing samples to identify the type of writing the employees do.

  3. Create a list of skill needs based on the samples.

  4. Prepare an outline of the proposed course the company or agency approves.

  5. Develop the lessons in partnership with the subject-matter experts.

  6. Polish the final draft of the course.

  7. Pilot test the course and revise as necessary.

  8. Prepare the final draft and hand it over to the company or agency.


Enrollment Requirements

      The customized course will be developed at no cost to your company or agency if you enroll 10 or more trainees in the BWC510 Individualized Writing Course that will use the training materials. Business Writing Center faculty will evaluate trainee assignments, coach them as necessary, and certify their competence in the skills at the end of the course.


Example Course the Center Developed

Service Strategies Corporation is a consulting firm that trains technical support call center representatives. They realized that call centers are increasingly using electronic messaging such as e-mail to communicate with customers. As a result, representatives must be able to write clearly and quickly.

Service Strategies asked the Business Writing Center to develop an Internet-based electronic message training program that it could offer to constituents. The program had to be concise, skill based, and oriented specifically to the needs of technical call centers. They wanted it to allow self-pacing so some trainees could go through the training individually while others answered customer queries.

The Business Writing Center developed a training program that

  1. is Internet-based so trainees can take it when they are able
  2. has the individual attention of a qualified writing instructor
  3. allows trainees to practice responding to e-mail inquiries in case studies specific to the technical support call center industry
  4. includes training in writing clearly and how to structure an electronic message

The Business Writing Center arranged with Service Strategies to partner in making the training course available. Service Strategies informs constituents about the course and the Business Writing Center teaches it.

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